The Digging Continues

The team of Alma archaeology has been hard at work!  Despite the rain, we continued to excavate all morning finding all sorts of artifacts, including pieces of glass, copper and even some duct tape.  Many groups completed excavating their surface levels down to four inches.   Other groups have begun level one, taking their units down to from four inches to eight inches in-depth.  At our unit, -105 N and 26 E, we found what we think may be a can made out of copper and we hope to excavate it tomorrow.  The process of excavation is slow and meticulous, we are trying to keep the unit as flat while digging carefully in order to preserve any artifacts.  Over the next week the class will continue to discover more about Old Main and what it once held.

SOA 215 pic 2 SOA 215 pic 3


One response to “The Digging Continues”

  1. freund2014 says :

    You are doing great work. I have never seen so many level unit excavations being conducted at once. It almost seems like you have been doing this for years!

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