Discoveries Every Day

It was another productive day at the Old Main excavation site! Our group’s unit is located towards the front of where Old Main once stood, so while we haven’t found any particularly intriguing artifacts such as long-lost personal items, we have found remnants of brick, mortar, charcoal, and concrete that were likely a part of the building long ago. We also found a nail and a piece of glass that is stuck in the wall of our unit. However, now that our excavating is nearing 8 inches deep, we hope to start finding other types of artifacts.

In the lab today, we learned that artifacts aren’t always what they first appear to be. After the digging is complete for the day, everything we put into our artifact bag is brought to the lab to be cleaned and labeled. After everything was set out on our tray and sorted by artifact type, we found out that a small piece of mortar (or what we thought was mortar) was actually a fired piece of clay. So not only is lab work important for documenting artifacts, it also shows us exactly what we have and that you might actually have more than what you think. (MFE LA)


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  1. freund2014 says :

    These are some important lessons.

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