Field trip round two and three

After exploring Fort Michilimackinac on Sunday, yesterday we went to Michigan State and had a tour with Dr. Lovis who is the archaeology professor. He showed us the basement where cabinets of artifacts are found and Professor Conell showed us some in the classroom. Also, we got a tour of Michigan State by Professor Conell where previous excavations took place. We then went to the Michigan Historical Museum where we learned a lot about artifacts, people, and culture during different time periods.

Today, we went to the Niles History Center and Fort St. Joseph. At the History center we learned about slavery and Indians such as Sitting Bull whose drawings are stored in the museum. We also got a tour of the Chapin Mansion and learned the background of the Chapin family and got to see their beautiful Mansion. At Fort St. Joseph we got a tour of the area and met up with Western Michigan archaeology students. We observed them excavating the Fort St. Joseph area and helped weed some tall grass for them since that is where their next excavation site will be.

We are having a great time on our field trips so far and looking forward to tomorrow at the Mount Pleasant Indian Industrial Boarding School and the Ziibiwing Cultural Center! (DC & KS)


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