Our Final Week in a Nutshell

Our final field trip is today and it is to Mt. Pleasant, MI to visit the Indian Industrial Boarding School. This will wrap up our week of a cross state visit of multiple historical sites. But before we leave for the summer, it is important to note the things that we have taken away from this class.

This class allowed us to gain knowledge about things that we did not know existed. We visited Fort Michilimackinac, the Michigan Historical Museum, Michigan State University’s archaeological sites, as well as Fort St. Joseph Museum in Niles, MI. These trips included guided tours, hands on excavating, and even the chance to observe a cannon fire! While learning the history of Michigan, we were also becoming informed of what goes on behind the scenes of archaeology and its role in history. Today, we took a trip to the Mt. Pleasant Indian Industrial Boarding School and the Ziibiwing Cultural Center. We learned loads of inofrmation regarding the students who were forced to attend the boarding school. In addition to that, at the Ziibiwing Cultural Center we learned about the rare and rich information regarding the North American Indians.

While the field trips were fun and extremely informative, we could not forget about our beloved Old Main. The class has been constructing research reports that depict graphs, as well as pivotal information regarding the artifacts that we have found. For example, our groups graphs will show how many artifacts we found in what levels and what sort of artifacts were found in our most prosperous level.



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