The End is Near

Today was the fourth and final day of field trips for the Michigan Archaeological Fieldwork spring term class 2015. From the tip of the mitten to nearly the border of Indiana, we have traversed the state to visit various archaeological and historic sites as supplements to our archaeological studies.

This morning we visited the Mount Pleasant Indian Industrial Boarding School where we got to help out at with the field school team. Then in the afternoon we toured the Ziibiwing Cultural Center in Mount Pleasant where we learned about the history of Native Americans who were native to Michigan, some of whom would have attended the Indian Boarding School when it was a running establishment from 1893-1934. After spending the morning at what was left of the boarding school, it was easy to picture what it would have looked and been like back then.

Overall, we had a great time on our trips over the past week and have gained invaluable experience and insights from professionals in the field of archaeology. With just one day left, it is almost time to close up the units here at Old Main. But our time and efforts have been fruitful, nevertheless. Thanks to our professors and student mentors, we have learned much and, in turn, contributed to uncovering the secrets of a timeless building of Alma College—Old Main. (MFE LA)


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