Mysterious Metals of Old Main

Today Team Metal dug through boxes of artifacts found on the site of Old Main! We found plenty of nails, wire and corroded scrap metal. We even found old crown bottle caps and a small screw. However, there were several artifacts that we had a hard time identifying or dating. We would love to ask the public if any of the following artifacts seem to be familiar or identifiable.

Artifact #1: We found an old Coca-Cola can that seems to be the classic colors: a matte red and white. The metal is thick and we are estimating it to be dated around the early to mid-1970s. We suspect it may be similar to the 1971 can as pictured, based on its structure and coloration.

Artifact #2: Another set of artifacts are metal pieces in a “U” shape that appear to have been attached to something at the top of the “U”. One is heavily corroded while the other two are shiny and in relatively fair condition. The two shiny ones measure 5.8cm in length and 4 cm in amplitude while the corroded piece is 8 cm in length and 4.5 cm in amplitude.

Artifact #3: One artifact that we found was a tag from something like a key ring, that could have been a possible tag for a postage item. The specific type of metal is not 100% confirmed but a likely metal is aluminum. From what we could make out, the tag said, “Postage guaranteed, Deposit any mailbox, Disabled American Veterans, Cincinnati Ohio, #5214”. The numbers at the end were a little hard to make out but our suspicion is that it is a zip code from the Cincinnati area (45214).

Artifact #4: This is a length of thin corrugated aluminum that we originally thought were pieces of a crushed gutter. We ruled this out when we saw how thin, light and narrow the metal actually was. It weighed about 204.71 grams and the metal has several prominent seams along its length.


Please let us know your thoughts as this will be very helpful to our research on Old Main!


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