This week has been quite crazy for Team Glass and has left us a wee bit behind. However, we are a tenacious bunch and will be sure to catch right up this coming week. What we have failed to report is not terribly exciting, but if you’re following it might be helpful to all be on the same page. Last week we worked on our Annotated Bibliography, such doesn’t sound like much work (collect a few sources, give a nice little summery about what they have to say), Team Glass would like to tell you THIS IS NOT AS EASY AS IT SOUNDS. First of all, finding reliable, relevant, academic reports on glass from the 1880’s is a HUGE task in itself. And then reading through these lofty articles full of technical terminology and irrelevant jargle in order to summarize the main point and determine its applicability is time consuming and often frustrating; but not the most frustrating. The most frustrating aspect of the annotated bibliography is the citations. Because the format we are citing in (SAA) is new to all of us, we are constantly having to research the correct formats for each type of source we have. It’s a long process for us. Despite this difficulty we have learned a lot this week from our sources. We spent a long time looking at and taking notes of the archives that are in the Alma College Library. Hopefully we can use some of what we found there to help us answer our research question. Now only to figure out how to cite our archival references!


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