What is found at Old Main?

            While going through all the ceramics at Old Main, we noticed that a lot of them were labeled as porcelain. After talking to Professor Conell, we discovered that they had been mislabeled. Most of the ceramic artifacts labeled as porcelain were white ware. This made us extra cautious when going through the lists of artifacts found, so we made sure to look at all of the artifacts labeled as ceramics to make sure that they were ceramics, and that the type they were labeled as was correct.

            Also, most of the ceramic artifacts are very small, which make it difficult to determine what the original artifact looked like and what its function might have been. Looking through the inventory of what was lost in the Old Main fire, there was no mention of any mug or plates or figurines. However, lavatory items were listed for damages, making us realize that it’s possible that some of the fragments might have come from the bathroom sinks or toilets. It makes you think about what we are looking at.

By Team Ceramics


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